The Mobilise-D Public Webinar Series starts in February 2022

Mobilise-D will launch a webinar series, starting in February 2022!

The project kicks the year off with a bang, featuring a discussion about THE ALGORITHMS and Digital Mobility Outcomes (DMOs). Save the dates already now for all the webinars!

The team has designed the first series of five webinars, twice a month (February to April 2022, 90 minutes each) where they will present and discuss cutting-edge thinking on mobility assessments, their technical validation approach, and examples of data and tools used.

During the series, the scientists will share insights into how their research, validation, and evaluation of real-world continuous digital measures of mobility can provide novel insights into health care conditions. They will talk about how digital mobility assessment using wearable sensor systems have the potential to capture walking performance in patient’s natural environment and how a consortium of 34 partner institutions from academia, MedTech industry and Pharma industry can work together in research and beyond.

The webinars will be online, open to the public, and you have the possibility to interact with the team.


What is Mobilise-D? Mobilise-D is a European project funded by Innovative Medicines Initiatives 2, aiming to develop a comprehensive system to monitor and evaluate people’s gait based on digital technologies, including sensors worn on the body. The project focuses on conditions that often affect mobility, namely chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and hip fracture recovery. You can read more about the project here.

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