Webinar series: Mobilise-D presents its four patient cohorts

Mobilise-D starts the autumn webinar series presenting the needs, technologies, protocols and user perspectives for each of their four cohorts engaged in the Mobilise-D studies.

The first webinar this autumn will outline the need for wearable sensors in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) as an important tool for use in both clinical settings and as an endpoint in future clinical trials. They will discuss the current knowledge of digital mobility monitoring and the protocol used within the clinical validation study of the Mobilise-D MS cohort. They will wrap up with a summary of the trial status within the MS cohort, their baseline clinical data, and hear about the experience of one of our patients within this important study.

The subsequent webinars will follow the same structure and present the other three cohorts in Mobilise-D: Parkinson’s disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Hip Fracture. More information will be published soon.

Registration is open for all four webinars.

Do you want to see the previous webinars, including the general description of the Mobilise-D cohorts? Check out their Youtube channel!

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