Neuronet objectives during its funding period (March 2019 - August 2022)

  • Creation of an overall platform for efficient collaboration, communication and operational synergies among present and future IMI neurodegenerative diseases projects.
  • Designing systems to map and analyse information regarding actions, initiatives and partnerships, assessing impact of the individual projects, remaining gaps and global value of the programme for stakeholders.
  • Supporting the management of the programme (timelines, dependencies, synergies and key results across projects).
  • Proactively detecting needs, opportunities and transferable best practices of projects.
  • Providing support to the projects by organising tools, services, expert advice and guidelines/recommendations on common issues.
  • Promoting enhancement and coordination of communication across the IMI neurodegeneration projects, increasing programme visibility, outreaching to key stakeholders and establishing relationships with initiatives in the field.
  • Preparing and securing the long-term sustainability of Neuronet itself.