2021: Virtual event

In 2019, the Neuronet Sessions introduced the projects of the Innovative Medicines Initative's (IMI) neurodegeneration portfolio to a broad audience composed of patients, caregivers, patient associations, researchers and clinicians. This was followed by the 2020 event where we expanded the focus, entitling it "Working together to address common challenges for European neurodegeneration research". Over the course of four parallel sessions, we showcased the work of IMI neurodegeneration projects with a focus on data sharing, ethics and regulatory/HTA interactions. In addition, we held a roundtable discussion, during which project leaders discussed the challenges experienced by public-private partnerships during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how research will evolve in the critical post-COVID period.

In 2021, we organised a concluding event, titled "Programme impact analysis - where we are and where we need to go".  Over the course of four parallel sessions, we showcased public and patient involvement, common challenges & lessons learned, how preclinical research can have a potential impact on people's lives and have a look into the future as well as the portfolio's impact.

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Nigel Hughes (EMIF & EHDEN)

Janssen Research & Development


Rodrigo Barnes (EPAD)


Colin Veal (EPAD)

University of Leicester

Manuela Rinaldi (Neuronet)

MODIS Life Sciences




Nathan Lea (EMIF)

University College London

Pilar Cañabaté (MOPEAD)

Fundació ACE


Sebastien Libert (RADAR-AD)

University College London

Angela Bradshaw (Neuronet)

Alzheimer Europe



Session 3

From bench to bedside: preclinical research in Innovative Medicines Initiative neurodegeneration projects


Chairperson: Craig Ritchie, The University of Edinburgh



Diana O’Rourke (Neuronet)

The National Institute for

Health and Care Excellence


Jacoline Bouvy (ROADMAP)

dr_0007_Dr Jacoline Bouvy (Senior Scientific Adviser, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence)

The National Institute for

Health and Care Excellence


Gill Farrar (AMYPAD)

GE Healthcare

Marco Viceconti (MOBILISE-D)

Alma Mater Studiorum

Università di Bologna


Session 4

Looking to the future: Impact of the Innovative Medicines Initiative’s neurodegeneration portfolio


Moderator: Lennert Steukers, Janssen

This session starts with two presentations, followed by a roundtable discussion involving all participants.


Fatima Salih (NICE), Carlos Diaz (SYNAPSE), Laurent Pradier (SANOFI), Angela Bradshaw (Alzheimer Europe) & Martin Hofmann-Apitius (Fraunhofer SCAI)



Andrew Owens King's College

King's College London


Martin Hofmann-Apitius Fraunhofer

Martin Hofmann-Apitius

Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms
and Scientific Computing

Walter Maetzler University Hospital

University Hospital Tuebingen


Jochen Prehn Royal College of Surgeons

Jochen Prehn, PD-MitoQUANT Project Coordinator

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Lynn Rochester Newcastle University

Newcastle University

Pieter Jelle Visser Maastricht University

VISSER Pieter Jelle Maastricht University, Amsterdam UMC, Netherlands

Maastricht University,
Amsterdam UMC

Early-Career Researcher presentation