Work Packages


Neuronet is grounded on a very small, operational consortium, which underpins the coordination and support action activities with no explicit or implicit academic bias. The overall project consists of five so called Work Packages (teams). Every team has two designated leaders and a number of other partners who contribute to the work.

Work Package 1: Projects & Impact analysis

Takeda Pharmaceuticals International AG
Dalia Dawoud
Dalia Dawoud National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
National Institute
for Health and Care
Excellence (NICE)

WP1 is a descriptive and methodological work package that will analyse the Innovative Medicines Initiative’s (IMI) neurodegeneration diseases project portfolio to enable an integrated view of relative specialisation, timelines, expertise and outputs.


Work Package 2: Programme Integration

Laurent Pradier

Sanofi-Aventis Recherche
& Développement (SARD)

Carlos Díaz

Synapse Research
Management Partners S.L


WP2 is a core work package that will create the structure, procedures and workflows for the Neuronet ‘switchboard’ with participation of the IMI neurodegeneration diseases projects and other relevant initiatives.


Work Package 3: Tools and Services

Arthur Roach

Parkinson’s disease society
of the United Kingdom LGB
(Parkinson’s UK)

Carlos Díaz

Synapse Research
Management Partners S.L


WP3 will develop specific tools and services provided by Neuronet to support IMI neurodegenerative diseases projects on areas where unmet needs are detected.


Work Package 4: Dissemination & Outreach

Jean Georges

Alzheimer Europe (AE)

Rakesh Kantaria

F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG



WP4 fulfills a dual role:

  1. promoting synergy across the individual dissemination and communication activities of the different IMI neurodegenerative diseases projects to maximise their visibility and impact, and optimize use of resources;
  2. fulfilling Neuronet’s ‘ambassador’ role by reaching out to relevant stakeholders and initiatives worldwide.


Work Package 5: Coordination and Support Action Management & Sustainability

Michael Leslie Hutton

Eli Lilly and Company Ltd
(Eli Lilly)

Carlos Diaz

Synapse Research
Management Partners S.L

Lennert Steukers

Janssen Pharmaceutica NV (Janssen)



WP5 will focus on providing coordination and professional project management capacity to resolve trade-offs between scope, time, cost and quality to ensure adequate progress and successful completion of Neuronet.