NEURO Cohort: An initiative by sites for participants

As part of Neuronet’s efforts to efficiently connect European research on neurodegeneration, Neuronet initiated the NEURO Cohort. It intends to build a European parent cohort that continuously follows up patients across Europe, to serve as basis to facilitate specific research projects and studies.

Beginning as a grassroots initiative, NEURO Cohort is based on mutual trust and collaboration across a network of research and clinical sites according to jointly agreed, minimal protocols and policies that are designed to enhance visibility and participation of sites in the research landscape, and to improve initiation of further studies in the neurodegeneration field.

The NEURO Cohort represents a coalition of circa 40 active sites from 13 countries in Europe. In totality, these sites work across approximately 50 research protocols which include at least 25,000 European participants. At present, the effort is progressing through its initial objectives. Specifically, with the assistance of the Medical Informatics Platform within the eBrains infrastructure, it has established the technical framework to complete a proof-of-concept pilot across seven sites. Furthermore, the team is engaged in ongoing conversations with potential funders who are interested in supporting the NEURO Cohort initiative through studies that could be run in collaboration with its sites. NEURO Cohort has the potential to become a unique asset, in Europe and worldwide, that unites research and clinical sites in an attempt to overcome research fragmentation, helping accelerate innovative research in an unprecedented way.

To know more about NEURO Cohort, please contact Carlos Díaz cdiaz(at) or Lewis Killin