Neuronet Tools

Neuronet Asset Map

Neuronet is collecting information from IMI ND projects on the key assets resulting from their projects, presented in an explorable asset map format. These assets include datasets, biological samples, cohorts, disease models, taxonomies, platforms and tools, among others.

The Neuronet Asset Map is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the assets from the IMI ND portfolio, categorised by R&D stage (non-clinical, clinical, regulatory and Real-World Evidence) and type.  The asset map will be updated by Neuronet on a regular basis.

Neuronet Forum

The Neuronet Forum has been created to promote dialogue across IMI ND projects on different topics.  The Forum is intended as a space for free discussions, where people from different IMI ND projects and institutions can come together to share knowledge and learn from each other, reinforcing the sense of community, and acting as a hub for general information and announcements. The Neuronet Forum can be accessed here: (




Neuronet Knowledge Base

The Neuronet Knowledge Base is a web platform that is designed to act as an information portal for the IMI ND programme. It brings together information on all the projects in the IMI ND portfolio, providing a summary overview of the programme in the format of a dashboard. In the Neuronet Knowledge Base, users can find information on the project budgets, partners, publications and deliverables, among other categories. The Neuronet Knowledge Base can be accessed here: (


Neuronet Knowledge Base