Post-Doctoral Position Single Cell Imaging and Molecular Neurobiology of Parkinson’s disease

Title: Post-Doctoral Position Single Cell Imaging and Molecular Neurobiology of Parkinson’s disease (8 months)
Department: RCSI Centre for Systems Medicine and SFI Future-Neuro Research Centre, Dept of Physiology and Medical Physics
Location: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland University of Medicine and Health Sciences
Term: 8 month specified purpose contract (with the possibility of extension pending EU approval)
Reporting to: Prof Jochen Prehn or nominee
Salary: Dependent on level of experience and based on the most current IUA Researcher’s Salary Scales IUA Researcher’s Salary Scales
Project background:
PD-MitoQUANT – A quantitative approach towards the characterisation of mitochondrial dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease.
As part of the EU-funded Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) project PD-MitoQUANT consortium, a Post-Doctoral position is now available in the Centre for Systems Medicine (CSM) and the Department of Physiology and Medical Physics, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, utilising molecular and cell imaging techniques to investigate the role of mitochondrial dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease, with a specific focus on alpha-synuclein toxicity models.
Objectives of post:
Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a progressive neurological condition affecting more than one million people in Europe. The main pathological hallmark of this disease is the presence of αSyn aggregation in the brain. Mitochondrial dysfunction has been implicated in PD, but detailed understanding of the cause and effect of this dysfunction is lacking. PD-MitoQUANT will extensively investigate and characterise the role of mitochondrial dysfunction in PD, with specific focus on αSyn toxicity.
This post-doctoral position will contribute to the PD-MitoQUANT project by experimentally evaluating the effect of αSyn fibrils on mitochondrial and cellular function in in vitro models of PD, measuring bioenergetic function, mitochondrial dynamics and morphology, and stress responses. This work will employ molecular and cell biology techniques including primary cell culture, viral transduction, neuronal biochemistry, confocal imaging, image processing and data analysis. The successful candidate will benefit from the multi-disciplinary expertise of the academic and industry partners of PD-MitoQUANT with an aim to thoroughly characterise existing disease models, and identify novel disease biomarkers and innovative therapeutic targets for this condition.
Application Process
Please apply online no later than 5pm on the closing date with your CV and Covering Letter.
For informal enquiries please contact