Second Neuronet newsletter issue launched

Welcome to the second issue of the Neuronet newsletter!

This second newsletter issue provides you with up-to-date insights on the Innovative Medicines Initiative’s (IMI) research efforts to tackle challenges in neurodegeneration.

It is great to see that our collaboration is gaining momentum. We held a highly productive Scientific Coordination Board Meeting which was followed by our annual networking and communication event at the end of October. The videos and presentations from the latter are now publicly available on our website.

We are also busy preparing the first version of an ‘asset map’ that will depict the richness of the IMI Neurodegeneration portfolio in terms of tools and results in a consolidated way.

There is a highlight from the European Prevention of Alzheimer's Dementia project, which has just made the baseline data from its first 500 participants accessible to the scientific community.

This issue also features a spotlight on early-career researchers, focusing on the work of ECRs in industry and academia. We spoke to Tania Fowke and Shahzad Ahmad from Mimetas and Leiden University, respectively, who told us about their work on the ADAPTED project.

Happy reading and start your year well!

Mr Carlos Díaz (CEO, SYNAPSE Research Management Partners)3
Carlos Díaz
Neuronet Project Coordinator
Management Partners

Lennert Steukers, Neuronet Project Leader
Lennert Steukers
Neuronet Project Leader
Associate Director,
Clinical Scientist,
Janssen Pharmaceutica NV


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