RADAR-AD project publishes “Behind-the-scenes” interview series with its researchers

To show the variety of work going on “behind-the-scenes” in RADAR-AD, the project has published a series of interviews with its researchers. They share the work they do for the project, what excites and challenges them the most, especially at times of the present COVID-19 pandemic, and how they see the impact of the project for the wider field of Alzheimer’s research. Read the full news story and the interviews, here:



“RADAR-AD is a very international project – there are many European countries involved in the research. In that sense, it is interesting to see differences between the way countries cooperate with patient care for Alzheimer’s disease and in the manner they conduct research. For instance, ethical approval takes different time to work through as regulations vary across countries. Also, I think that the use of smart technology to measure symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease remotely is the future and the way forward, so I am happy to be part of this research.” said Marijn Muurling