Novartis job opportunity for analysis of wearable sensor data for Digital Mobility Outcomes

Novartis is now looking for a Digital Data Scientist to join their group and participate in their ground-breaking medical research activities that redefine the grammar for medicine in the post-genome era.

The Digital Data Scientist in Novartis will understand complex and critical business problems, formulate integrated analytical approach to mine data sources, employ statistical methods and machine learning algorithms to contribute solving unmet medical needs, discover actionable insights and automate process for reducing effort and time for repeated use. In this role, you will be focusing on time series analysis of streaming data from mobile medical devices, very large multivariate clinical datasets and real-world data (e.g. medical claims) and other types of data.

The job responsibility includes, but are not limited to:

  • The analysis of data for different real-world digital mobility outcomes such as walking speed, for different pathological populations using wearable inertial devices (IMU, accelerometer, gyroscope).
  • Building machine learning and statistical models based on digital, molecular, clinical and RWE data.
  • Advise on current and future clinical studies, staying up-to-date with current advanced data analytics both in standard statistics and machine learning, as well as, participate in or lead non-clinical activities.
  • Maintain efficient interfaces with internal and external clinical teams including the global clinical statistics team, data integration engineers and analysts.
  • Participate in the selection of CROs, vendors and technologies, as required, and supervise QSI project activities performed by CRO.
  • Program according to good coding practices and ensure internal quality control and reproducibility of deliverables, as well as, hands-on analysis of study data following internal project management guidelines.
  • Maintain records for all assigned projects and archive trail / project analysis and associated documentation. May involve designing or enhancing data storage system.
  • Research and co-develop with supervisor new algorithms, methods, statistical models and business models and providing insight into structured and unstructured data.

The deadline for application is on September 21.

Read more about this job opportunity, what you’ll bring to the role and why you should consider Novartis HERE.

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