Neuronet Working Group on sustainability holds an online meeting, sharing sustainability plans among projects

On 25 January, Neuronet hosted an online meeting of its WG on Sustainability, moderated by Carlos Diaz, the Project Coordinator for Neuronet. Carlos kicked off the meeting with an overview on how sustainability was becoming more important as an element of project management. Then, Gill Farrar, AMYPAD project lead from GE, and Andreas Ebneth, PHAGO project lead from Janssen, shared their sustainability plans, respectively.

Following the presentations, the group engaged in a general discussion about the importance of considering the sustainability of project assets and the need to share and communicate best practice for sustainability, to help prevent other research groups from facing and repeating the same efforts and challenges.

In addition to PHAGO and AMYPAD, other Neuronet projects have shared their sustainability plans. In past meetings, AETIONOMY, EQIPD, ROADMAP, EPAD and EMIF have communicated their efforts to make their projects sustainable after their finalization. In the future, additional Neuronet projects will be invited to present their sustainability strategies to the members of this working group