Neuronet convenes third Scientific Coordination Board meeting in Madrid

On 28 January (Madrid, Spain), Neuronet convened its 3rd Scientific Coordination Board meeting.

The Board is formed of 16 leaders from the Innovative Medicines Initiative projects within the area of neurodegeneration research. It is responsible for Neuronet’s strategic decision-making.

The day started with an outline of achievements throughout 2019.

The project Coordinator Carlos Dìaz (SYNAPSE Research Management Partners) provided an overview of Neuronet’s Governance bodies (SCB as well as four Working Groups). He then showed the attendees a prototype asset map. The map aims to provide a high-level overview of the main assets created by the projects so far.

The attendees were then updated on the progress in the development of Neuronet’s Knowledge Base. The online platform aims to serve as an accessible overview of information on the projects and their activities. Neuronet is currently also finalising the setup of an online Forum that aims to promote dialogue and participation across projects.

The attendees then discussed the main achievements in Neuronet’s communication efforts. This included the setup of a community of communication representatives from all projects, the Neuronet project website, quarterly newsletter, an annual social media campaign as well as Neuronet’s participation at the Alzheimer Europe Conference and Lunch Debate.

The afternoon focused on gaps as well as opportunities within Neuronet. It revolved around a discussion on key needs at the portfolio level, as well as a lively discussion on the possibilities for future research. These will be elaborated further in the coming weeks, based on the discussions at the meeting.

Concluding, the Project Leader Lennert Steukers (Janssen) recapitulated the main conclusions, confirmed the next steps and wrapped up the meeting.