Neuronet launches its social media campaign “Programme impact analysis – where we are and where we need to go”

The Neuronet project is setting up an efficient platform to boost collaboration across research projects focusing on neurodegenerative diseases.

Neuronet’s communication team and our community of communication representatives from the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) projects on neurodegeneration are pleased to announce that we are celebrating the great people behind our projects through an annual Neuronet campaign on social media. Currently, the Neuronet initiative comprises 20 IMI projects.

Neuronet launched a new campaign to highlight the value of public-private collaboration this week. The social media campaign will conclude on November 29th, in time to build up awareness towards Neuronet’s yearly event. The main social media platform we use is twitter, but please feel free to support our campaign by posting on other social media platforms as well. The  campaign will highlight some of the great findings and future research, none of which would have been possible without public-private collaboration.

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