Neuronet holds Consortium meeting in Brussels

On 18 February, the Efficiently Networking European Neurodegeneration Research (Neuronet) Coordination and Support Action held its third Consortium meeting in Brussels (Belgium).

The afternoon kicked off with an overview of action items from the previous Scientific Coordination Board meeting that was held at the end of January.

Amongst others, consortium members discussed the prototype of an asset map that has been developed based on interviews with project leaders. The asset map aims to provide an adaptive high-level overview of the main assets that have been produced by the projects so far. It was discussed that the aim will be to make it as visible as possible, adding it both to the website as well as on a closed online platform (the Neuronet Knowledge Base).

In this context, the communication team will prepare an outreach plan. It is envisaged that the asset map will be shared through Neuronet communication channels and by communication departments of Neuronet partners.

Following on, the Neuronet consortium discussed its, soon to be launched, online Forum. The Forum aims to promote dialogue and participation across projects on different topics and project collaborators from the whole portfolio will be invited within the coming weeks.

Nina Coll from Synapse then presented an overview of potential further synergies that could be supported between the individual projects as well as public materials some of the projects developed. It was suggested to make some of these available on the Neuronet website.

The consortium members then discussed the upcoming review by the Innovative Medicines Initiative.

After that, the Project Leader Lennert Steukers (Janssen) and Project Coordinator Carlos Diaz (Synapse) wrapped up the meeting with a recapitulation of the main conclusions as well as the next steps.