Interim Analysis of MOPEAD Project presented at AAIC 2019

Cambridge Cognition (CANTAB) presented an interim analysis of the MOPEAD projects innovative citizen science patient engagement model at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) 2019, Los Angles USA. This conference is the largest and most influential meeting dedicated to advancing dementia science, with an estimated 6,000 attendees this year alone.

You can view the poster here.

The Citizen Science Model

The analysis was presented as a poster which highlighted the method and preliminary results and conclusions of the citizen science model. Developed by the MOPEAD team, this model (sometimes referred to as Run 1) invited members of the general public in five different European countries to take an online memory test which could offer them the possibility of further health assessment.

This test was promoted online using Google Ad-words, specifically designed to reach those who were searching online about concerns with their memory.  Once an individual clicked on the web page they were offered the test, which using CANTAB technology can detect various cognitive impairments. If such impairments were detected, the individual was invited to further assessments at the specialist MOPEAD memory clinic in their respective locations.

In return for this assessment and possible further health care, the individuals data will be used in the MOPEAD study to determine the effectiveness of such a model in increasing patient engagement and early diagnosis of cognitive impairments or Alzheimer’s disease.

Cambridge Cognition

Cambridge Cognition is a leading neuroscience technology company optimising the assessment of cognition for better brain health research with scientifically validated digital health solutions. Originally developed at the University of Cambridge, the Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery (CANTAB) includes highly sensitive, precise and objective measures of cognitive function, correlated to neural networks.

The incorporation of this technology in MOPEAD is one of the projects key pillars of innovation, and has shown the massive potential in using technology to engage a large number of individuals in their memory health.