Mobilise-D project update: New webinars announced, prior ones published & WP2 conclusion

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) funded Mobilise-D project had the first five public webinars as part of their ongoing Mobilise-D webinar series, and it has been a great success! The recordings are now available on their YouTube channel.

The first five webinars have been twice a month (90 minutes each) and their team has presented and discussed cutting-edge thinking on mobility assessments, our technical validation approach, and examples of data and tools used. They have shared insights into how their research, validation, and evaluation of real-world continuous digital measures of mobility can provide novel insights into health care conditions. They have talked about how digital mobility assessment using wearable sensor systems have the potential to capture walking performance in patient’s natural environment and how a consortium of 34 partner institutions from academy, MedTech industry and Pharma industry can work together in research and beyond.

All recordings will be uploaded to their YouTube channel, and you can find all links in the list below which will be updated continuously:

They have also added two more webinars to their Webinar Series! The webinars are 1h 30 minutes with the following topics:

  • May 4 – Up and Go: Planning & Conducting the Clinical Validation Study
  • June 1 – Putting patients in the centre when developing digital mobility outcomes

The upcoming webinars are free and open to the public.