Mobilise-D links with Voice Global to promote global patient engagement

Mobilise-D is now using the Voice Global platform as part of their Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) activities.

Voice Global is an international network of citizens who come together to provide insights, ideas and experiences to researchers to help drive innovation for ageing and improve health research. Voice is a community of patients, carers and members of the public contributing their lived experience to identify priorities and unmet needs, but are involved in all stages of the research cycle. The unique Voice approach means that citizens are genuinely involved and valued in knowledge exchange with research and industry.

Mobilise-D will utilise the Voice platform to organise and promote upcoming research opportunities connected with the patients and public involvement and engagement, and to support communication and discussion for our two forums: Patient and Public Advisory Group (PPAG) and Patient Forum.

Specifically, the platform allows the team to alert registered users to opportunities that they may like to contribute to or attend including surveys, focus groups on topics related to the work of Mobilised-D, or webinars that are being organised. Users of Voice are alerted to opportunities that may be of interest to them and they can use the platform to get in touch and participate in research opportunities. This allows the project to reach a wide audience of patients and citizens who will be able to provide their insights and experiences to the work of Mobilise-D.

The Patient and Public Advisory Group (PPAG) is a closed group allowing the project partners to upload documents and start discussions about recent Mobilise-D updates, future plans and feedback on results with a mixed group of patients and advisors. This means that the PPAG will have access to relevant documents in one place and can see other people’s comments in the group, which they can access in their own time. The PPAG had advised that this would be a useful tool to have so that they can discuss topics related to Mobilise-D away from our formal meetings. Voice offers the ideal platform from which to do this.

The Patient Forum is an open group where both patient participants in the Clinical Validation Study of Mobilise-D and patients not part of the study can register and participate in debates and exchange experiences. The aim of the Mobilise-D Patient Forum is to ensure that effective communications are established in practice at all time and offer an arena where patients and the public can interact and share their opinions.  The Patient Forum will be the arena where issues and concerns are raised by participants in order to influence and develop better healthcare practices. The forum is open for registration HERE.

Speaking about the launch of the Mobilise-D Voice page, PPIE lead Alison Keogh said, “It’s exciting to be able to start using Voice to further engage with both our PPAG and the wider public. The platform opens up many more opportunities for us to reach a wide audience of members of the public which will be instrumental in helping us to design, conduct and interpret our future PPIE tasks and research work. This will be so valuable to us in strengthening the work we are already doing in PPIE.”

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