Leadership blog with Jean Georges from Alzheimer Europe, Dissemination & Outreach Co-Leader

What is your current role in the organisation you work at?

I am Executive Director at Alzheimer Europe. My main activities focus on liaison with our national member organisations and other European umbrella organisations, fundraising but also overall management of the various projects we are involved in.

What are the most prominent challenges you see in neurodegeneration research?

We estimate that there are currently over 7.8 Million people living with dementia in the European Union, with numbers projected to almost double until 2050. So far, there is no disease modifying treatment available. A prominent challenge for the whole field is that the research investment does not reflect the cost of dementia. Furthermore, research on neurodegenerative conditions takes a lot of time to yield impact on the lives of people affected.

What are your expectations from the Neuronet Coordination and Support Action?

Neuronet will enable knowledge-sharing among a large variety companies and institutions. This will hopefully nurture the identification of gaps in research and unveil new promising areas for research but also avoid duplication of work.

What value do you see in public-private collaboration?

Public-private collaboration is key in connecting research areas and cutting-edge knowledge. The Innovative Medicines Initiative provides the opportunity for all concerned parties to come together and work towards a healthier future for all.