Leadership blog with Antonella Santuccione Chadha from Roche, Dissemination & Outreach Co-Leader

What is your current role in the company you work at?

Alzheimer’s disease Partnership Lead at Roche Pharmaceuticals – this involves a broad view of our partnerships across patient advocacy groups, policy groups, consortia and academic associations that are committed to addressing Alzheimer’s disease.

What are the most prominent challenges you see in neurodegeneration research?

The pathology of neurodegenerative diseases are complex, with symptoms often being similar across a number of these diseases. As these diseases have multiple pathologies, we will need to make use of multiple biomarkers to characterise and further understand these diseases. This is especially true in Alzheimer’s disease.

Personally, I think this challenge is about embracing learning – which is at the core of what we all do in the scientific community.

What are your expectations from the Neuronet Coordination and Support Action?

Neuronet is a unique platform for all involved. It’s promoting personal, private and public interactions and helping this dedicated group navigate complex efforts and access a broader pool of information and insight. It’s a platform that is still taking shape, and I’m really excited that Roche is involved to both share its knowledge, gain insights from others and convert these insights into action.

What value do you see in public-private collaboration?

Public/private collaboration promotes new types of scientific learning in difficult disease areas. Importantly this allows us to implement learning collectively and rapidly.

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