First Neuronet newsletter issue launched

Welcome to the first Neuronet newsletter!

Neuronet is a collaborative effort to improve collaboration and exploit synergies across some of the key research projects tackling neurodegenerative disorders in the world today.

Our programme actively connects 15 research projects, encompassing more than EUR 280 million of funding. All of these projects have been launched by the Innovative Medicines Initiative, Europe's biggest public and private partnership in the life sciences.

We are particularly proud to invite you to our Neuronet networking event where we will highlight these projects at this years' Alzheimer Europe Conference on 23-25 October in The Hague.

This and the future newsletter issues will introduce you to our fantastic early-career researchers and investigators, project achievements as well as our activities.

Mr Carlos Díaz (CEO, SYNAPSE Research Management Partners)3
Carlos Díaz
Neuronet Project Coordinator
Management Partners

Lennert Steukers, Neuronet Project Leader
Lennert Steukers
Neuronet Project Leader
Manager, Clinical Scientist,
Janssen Pharmaceutica NV


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The Neuronet newsletter is issued on a quarterly basis and provides both updates on overarching efforts throughout the project portfolio as well as on achievements by individual projects.