Neuronet campaign launches on social media – Why we do what we do

Neuronet’s communication team and our community of communication representatives from the Innovative Medicines Initiative projects on neurodegeneration are pleased to announce that we will celebrate the great people behind our projects through an annual Neuronet campaign on social media.

European neurodegeneration research collaborations are approaching the forefront of science. A driver for this is the increasing challenge for European social welfare and healthcare systems. For instance, there is a growing number of people affected who often lack effective treatment options.

Public-private partnerships provide an unprecedented opportunity for all concerned parties to work together to improve our current understanding of these conditions, and to create platforms that facilitate the development of new treatments.

Each day, one of the researchers respectively participants from the Innovative Medicines Initiative spoke up. We linked to some of the great findings, interesting activities and tools, none of which would have been possible without public-private collaboration.

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