ADAPTED and AMYPAD to hold a Featured Research Session at AAIC2020

We are pleased to report that both ADAPTED and AMYPAD projects will hold a  Featured Research session at the upcoming AAIC 2020 virtual conference. This year, AAIC will be hosted on a cutting-edge virtual platform free of charge. You can register here.


The session entitled 'The ADAPTED project results' will be chaired by ADAPTED Project Co-cordinator Dr Agustín Ruiz and ADAPTED Project Leader Dr Margot Bakker.

- Maria Saéz "Can OMICS data help us to understand the mechanism of APOE?"
- Alfredo Cabrera "Modelling AD – relevant pathophysiology in neurons, astrocytes and microglia''
- Janina Ried"Characterization of transcriptional and proteomics changes in brain cells reveals cell type and genotype specific mechanisms modified by APOE"
- Cornelia van Duijn "Cross-omics studies of the role of APOE in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia''

The project will also have seven posters with further data on various topics detailing the advances the ADAPTED project has made on elucidating the role that APOE plays in the development of Alzheimer's disease.


The session entitled ‘“The value of amyloid PET beyond dichotomization” will be chaired by Isadora Lopes Alves and Christopher Buckley.

- Isadora Lopes Alves "A multi-study analysis of the spatial-temporal progression of amyloid deposition and its utility for longitudinal studies"
- Lyduine Collij "Examining Centiloid quantification against visual assessment using [18F]flutemetamol PET"
- Santiago Bullich "Converging evidence for a “gray-zone” of amyloid burden and its relevance"
- Jose Luis Molinuevo "Emerging beta-amyloid pathology is associated with tau, synaptic, neurodegeneration and gray matter volume differences"

In addition the Featured Research Session, the AMYPAD project will have six posters and two oral presentations.