3-dimensional representation of European data availability landscape for Alzheimer’s disease research

The Real world Outcomes across the Alzheimer’s Disease spectrum for better care: Multi-modal data Access Platform (ROADMAP) project launched a Data Cube, offering a dynamic overview of the ‘landscape’ of data availability in Europe for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) research.

Funded through the Innovative Medicines Initiative, the public-private ROADMAP project brought together 26 organisations led by Novartis and coordinated by the University of Oxford.

One of the partnership’s main aspirations was to support the identification and integration of real-world data across multiple sources and countries. Through that, it intended to support opportunities for the development of evidence for the reimbursement and access of new technologies for the treatment of AD, ultimately aiming to drive healthcare systems towards better care and data capture.

ROADMAP Data Cube, Catherine Reed, Principal Research Scientist, Eli Lilly and CompanyEnabling the visualisation of the AD-related data availability in different types of European data sources and the intrinsic gaps has proven to be a powerful tool for the design, planning and validation of AD models as well as strategies used to guide future recommendations to enhance AD research.

Through these efforts, ROADMAP helps address the challenge of how best to inform clinical and health-policy decisions by studying how to build a population-based integrated data environment and enabling its visualisation.

The online version of the Data Cube is available here: https://datacube.roadmap-alzheimer.org

The Data Cube is listed in Neuronet’s Asset Map, which provides a comprehensive view of the different assets resulting from the Innovative Medicines Initatives neurodegeneration research projects, including but not limited to genetic datasets, clinical cohorts and data platforms.

Explore it now: https://kb.imi-neuronet.org/admin/asset_map